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Wednesday, December 19, 2018
Uncle Davey's remedy for all your end-of-year Facebook woes. New rule requires Facebook to peer with the open web so people who are not on Facebook can communicate with people who are. All or nothing is the real problem. Lots of precedent. AT&T had a monopoly over phones for a long time. If you wanted to make phone calls you had to use one of their devices. That rule changed and the rest is history. The technology is easy. There are plenty of people at Facebook who want to do it. #
Jason Pontin asks how journalism is self-dealing and corrupt. Not all corruption is about money. Journalism exterts control and influence. Gatekeeping. They keep lots of ideas out of the news, esp ones they find uncomfortable. Show me an op-ed in the NYT about the future of journalism that says they should compete with Facebook. Or a public editor who is a member of the public? Also any industry that feels they should be above examination, and has been exempt for so long, must be filled with corruption. And of course if there's no corruption, there's no harm in looking, right? #
I met David Beard at a future-of-journalism conference in Phoenix last year, and spent a couple of hours talking with him at the Phoenix airport waiting for planes home to Boston and NYC, respectively. Since then I've been watching what he does on Twitter with awe and interest. He posts links to stories with comments that are very widely circulated. Some of his tweets get thousands of RTs. You might think he has a million followers, but he doesn't, just 47K, though it seems to be increasing quickly. I always wonder what his secret is, and what his goal is. By asking the question on my blog, I hope to provoke a public response. 💥#
My prediction for 2019: Everything you care about is dead. Everything I care about rules.#
Facebook offers ordinary people something they've never had before -- a place to publish their ideas for anyone to read. For all its flaws they have done something remarkable, something the news industry could have but did not do. #

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