It's even worse than it appears.
Thursday, December 20, 2018
The NYT is fucked up. Don't delete Facebook. They are as wrong as they were when they made an issue of Hillary's emails. That got us President Fucking Trump. Thank you very much NY Times. Instead let's slowly figure out ways to do stuff on the open web that doesn't depend on huge tech companies. Facebook is far from our only problem. Change won't happen overnight and deleting Facebook is not the answer any more than we can solve climate change by deleting our cars. And btw, the NYT's mortal enemy is Facebook. At some point they should disclaim that, their readers should be made aware that they are scared shitless of what Facebook is doing to the journalism industry. That's a fear you and I, their reader, might not share with them. #
Here's a question for you. Suppose you want to start a private Facebook group, but you don't want to use Facebook. What to do? #

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