It's even worse than it appears.
Sunday, December 23, 2018
After four years of running Node apps on Linux servers, I have concluded that it could use an OS just for Node. A layer on top of Linux that watched the resources the apps were using and helped you better manage them. It's just a thought at this point.#
Now that I can monitor disk space usage in my ServerMonitor app, I'm getting a better idea of where the problems are. One of the big ones I just discovered is the Dropbox cache. On one of my servers 1/2 of the disk space was used by the cache! The docs say the cache is cleared every three days, but this clearly isn't working on at least one of my systems. According to the docs you can just remove the contents of the ~/Dropbox/.dropbox.cache/ folder. #
BTW the ncdu app is a life-saver. #

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