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Wednesday, December 26, 2018
I realized a few days ago I have not been thinking about BOTY for 2018. This might be one of those years that I don't have one. Let's see what happens, go with the flow. #
Speaking of flow, I was up in the Catskills over the break, and took a movie of a creek I came across. The video demonstrates the Doppler Effect. #
Interesting post on journalism as a technology service. #
When everyone agrees on something, and users benefit from the agreement, then seriously consider maintaining the standard, even if your product would be, in some ways, nicer if you broke with the standard. Apple could have continued to have a headphone jack on their phones, and all the other phone makers would have kept theirs. I'd still use my Bluetooth headphones (I was a wireless fan long before the headphone jack disappeared). It's the same reason we should all support HTTP for as long as humanly possible (i.e. forever). This is a big philosophical question for all tech developers. I'm a continuity absolutist, to me the most awful word in tech is deprecate. #
I wish Netflix would link to Metacritic from each show. I wish they would all do this. And I wish HBO Go let you download shows. I'd watch more HBO if they did. Anyway, next up is Happy Valley.#
I had no way of knowing how well the two shows I've been bingeing fit together. They are River, which is the story of a crazy grieving brilliant cop who learns to accept his insanity, and Kidding, a crazy grieving Mr Rogers type TV actor. They're both struggling with pretty much the same issue. What were the chances. And both are quite good, if you're looking for a time-consuming holiday binge. #
Trump and his wall is beginning to sound like Captain Queeg and his strawberries, or Gollum and My Precious.#

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