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Saturday, December 29, 2018
7-minute podcast story about two presidents, Bartlet and Gassée, and Guy Kawasaki, and how deveopers benefit from stories about how real people use their products. #
As I get deeper into SQL databases, I can explain the innovations of Frontier's object database in new ways. For example, with SQL, the way you access structures in memory is dramatically different from how you access structures in the database. In Frontier, there is no difference. You use the same operators no matter where the data resides. The system manages the caching of data transparently. As far as I know, no other enviroment does this.#
An interesting idea? A community project to build a social graph of people who knew/worked with each other in the early days of tech. It could be an interesting way to get the gangs back together "one more time." I wonder what the people who were at Personal Software would do with this idea. 1980s Apple people and developers. People who wrote for Wired in the early days. People who were at the first O'Reilly open source conference. The Silicon Valley Asshole Society. The first 100 bloggers, first 100 podcasters. People who worked at General Magic, Macromind and Marimba. People who went to Fred and Sylvia's cybersalons. Original subscribers of DaveNet. People who know NakedJen. People who were at the various BloggerCons. People who demo'd at the first Demo. Berkman Center alumni. Initial sponsors of the EFF. I would love to participate in this project. #
Developers who won't use Facebook are like the Dylan fans who stopped listening when he went electric. They eventually caved, of course, or they missed some great music.#
You may hate Facebook but at least they publish whatever I write. I've only once had an item banned from FB and it was comedic, not tragic. Contrast this to the NYT that offers very little opportunity for me to get an idea through to other users of the NYT. Yes I do think this is a valid comparison. #
We're all bonkers inside. The most bonkers thing is to pretend that you're not.#

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