It's even worse than it appears.
Monday, January 7, 2019
Why people like AOC are so important -- she doesn't depend on the established news orgs to transmit what she says. She goes direct. This was the goal of blogging. And it's being achieved.#
Jay Rosen and I used to have a podcast entitled Rebooting the News. Since then it's gotten worse, as Jay explains in this Twitter thread. Today it needs more than a reboot. More like a tear-down and rebuild. Back in the podcast days I wasn't a believer in what they call "citizen journalism." Now I think it's the only thing that can save us. #
Just listened to the Brian Lehrer Show discussing The Wall. They talk about it as if it's something that exists or is possible. As I understand it, we already have walls where ever it is practical. It's not possible to put a wall on a river, and much of the border between the US and Mexico is the Rio Grande. You can't put a wall on the bank of a river. That's ridiculous. So I think before we have discussions about this thing that is supposedly possible, let's first address the question of whether it is. #
Every time I see AOC on TV I am so proud to be an American and a NYer. She is the future we deserve. Hopefully many young people will look to her as a role model, and will value intelligence, courage, education and their ability to make a difference. Now, we need journalism of that quality, because without it, politics can never really get out of the sewer. #
Good morning everybody! 🚀#

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