It's even worse than it appears.
Saturday, January 12, 2019
Oy the horse race is so boring. Bernie or Biden or Warren or whatever. Whoever the Dems nominate we'd better all vote for them. That's why it's all such bullshit. It doesn't matter who gets nominated. Whoever it is, they will be infinitely more suited than the Repub.#
Trump is a Putin-loyal oligarch. Look at this picture to see where he fits in. He's comfortable with these guys. He's probably a bit more senior than they, but not much. And he's thought to be an idiot by them, but a powerful idiot. (Goes beyond the usual useful idiot.)#
Yesterday I reported on what you get when you download your archive from Flickr. Later I remembered I was archiving my Flickr site in an S3 bucket and this morning I figured out where it was. And now I'm looking through old pictures, that are already saved. For example, in January 2007 I went to CES and (apparently) was moving into my new house in Berkeley. In June I was in Rome, and also was waiting in line with the Scobles for the very first iPhone. A picture I took with my new iPhone at my favorite sushi takeout place in Berkeley. #
Photos from two previous living rooms, one in Woodside and one in Berkeley (both in California).#
Imagine that American politics since 2015 was a series like Game of Thrones or The Sopranos. The Helsinki Summit would have been the big reveal, in the second to last episode of the season, when we now know with certainty that Trump is a Russian mafia oligarch working for Putin. #

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