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Sunday January 27, 2019; 1:28 PM EST
  • This is how you start from scratch with MySQL on the Mac, assuming all you want is the same experience as what you have on Linux.#
    • Download and install the package from In the process you will choose a password for the root user. This is important.#
    • In the Mac system settings app, there should be a new panel for MySQL. Open it and be sure MySQL is started. #
    • In a new Terminal window: #
      • cd /usr/local/mysql/bin#
      • sudo mysql --password#
    • It will ask for two passwords, your Mac system password to authenticate as root, and the password you chose for MySql in the first step. Once you enter both correctly you'll be able to type SQL commands. From here it should behave just like Linux. #
  • Thanks to Scott Hanson for the outstanding support, as always.#

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