It's even worse than it appears.
I swore I'd never do another future-of-news conference.#
Over at Galley, which is a new community at CJR, they asked me what I thought Twitter could do to make things better. Of course I had an answer ready to go. BTW, this is what I've been talking about. Opening the door to your pub to non-journalists. Next step is to gather links to feeds people in the community read and join them together into a river. But this is an excellent first step.#
Om explains how digital media killed itself. But we have yet to take the turn dictated by the web create a hybrid pub that behaves both like the NYT and Facebook. A level playing field. Allow amateurs to compete with pros. Initially the home page is populated by the pros (much like what Twitter is doing, Jack and company obviously gets this), with the occasional piece by an amateur. Since each act of journalism is just an amalgram of source quotes, we would try to draw the most authoritative sources into our network. Over time, learn what part of the editorial process must be paid, and what part will be done by amateurs, out of love, out of civic pride, and wanting to solve the vexing problems that our species faces. We've run out of time to dick around. #
Also, Om's idea of what digital media is is not the same as mine. I never needed clicks to justify my writing. I didn't get paid for it, so no one could lay me off. There's lots of digital media that has nothing to do with emulating news orgs that predate the web. #
To AOC, who supports journalism as-is, but has also sounded the alarm that we have only 12 years left to save the species. The journalism you support will spend most of the time betw now and Election Day 2020 covering the horse race. That's about 10% of the 12 years, wasted.#

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