It's even worse than it appears.
A long-winded 16-minute podcast about CJR's bold experiment in trusting readers. Are there fewer blogs today than in the early days of blogging? I think there might be many many more. And I think there's more that CJR can do, and this is on the path to finding the journalism that's made possible by open networking. #
America got an up close look at the buffoonery of one billionaire, and extrapolated. Maybe the super rich aren’t rich because they’re so smart. Hmm.#
Idea: If you're selling a house, put it on the market by listing it on AirBnB. People who are interested in buying can stay there for a few days. Might get a better price if the house has features that are only appreciated with time. #
I’ve tested the Subaru Forester and what they say about how roomy it is is true. I get in and out without having to contort my body. Also the AWD is fantastic in snow. I actually got to test that too.#

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