It's even worse than it appears.
Another idea. I'm staying in a rented house with Internet but no cable. I would like to watch a little news. It would be great if there were a web/app-only news channel, that competed with MSNBC, Fox, CNN, that was fully available over the web or Roku (or the like). It's ridiculous in 2019 that I am shut out from cable-style news just because I haven't paid Spectrum. Do we really still need them? (Note: I do pay them at my apartment in Manhattan, it's not like I'm trying to avoid paying them.)#
An idea for the EU. Why not offer personal membership in the EU to citizens of countries that withdraw from the EU. Benefits might include, they get to keep their EU passport. They can freely move between EU countries as before. They can vote in EU elections. Might lead to something interesting, like a new political party in the withdrawing country?#

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