It's even worse than it appears.
Sunday March 3, 2019; 10:24 PM EST
  • Maybe it's time to do some work on, to make it possible for anyone to turn a list of podcast feeds into a reverse chronologic river of new shows. Help the open network push back against the VC-backed silos.#
  • The diff betw podcasts and Netflix, btw is this. Movies and TV shows are almost all licensed, because they are very expensive to produce. Podcasts are not expensive, yes I know some orgs spend a lot of money but I don't think that makes them better. And the infrastructure for movies is super expensive and the infrastructure for MP3s is not. #
  • There are all kinds of reasons why podcasts will never need the kind of service that Netflix provides for video. But if we don't put up any open services, the lock-in might happen anyway.#

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