It's even worse than it appears.
Saturday March 9, 2019; 1:16 PM EST
  • I appreciate what Elizabeth Warren is proposing re tech companies. But we need to do more, and do it very soon. They are destroying natural resources the way oil giants did before the government stepped in. However our political leaders, like most users, don’t understand.#
  • The natural resource they are destroying is the World Wide Web, an open, unowned resource that has fostered the innovative environment that gave birth to Google and Facebook.#
  • Google is acting as if it were the government, without any checks and balances, no oversight, no redress of grievances. They say they’re doing it for the good of the net, but we know they’re a huge corporation, and that’s not how it works.#
  • Facebook is sucking the life out of the web, along with Medium (where Warren published her manifesto!). Some simple rules, if followed, would restore balance to the web ecosystem. But there are no rules here, so they run wild, and take whatever isn’t nailed down.#
  • They’ve had a fantastic run, but it’s long past time for some rules, and consequences for not respecting that we all have ownership of the resource they are foreclosing on.#

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