It's even worse than it appears.
This is a really interesting piece that tells the story of school desegregation in NYC, which my family took part in, in the 1960s. My mother and little brother were on the front page of the NYT on Sept 14, 1964, walking from our mostly white neighborhood, to the paired school in Corona, a black neighborhood. (She was wearing a scarf and looking into the camera.) The white parents and kids walked toward the black neighborhood, the black parents and kids, walked to the school in the white neighborhood. My brother, now 60, posted a comment on the NYT story.#
That picture is so good, I made it my header image, replacing the previous one, the picture of a nearby mountain. #
2015: The best frameworks are apps. Still true today.#
  • I wrote this:#
    • Our number one biggest problem is that we divide ourselves into groups. These people are good and those are bad. Everyone does it. It's stupid. It's the bug. Stop it.#
  • Still true today. Let's join together, celebrate or at least overlook our differences, find our common ground.#

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