It's even worse than it appears.
Thursday March 28, 2019; 4:34 PM EDT
  • This time I hope the press who cover new media will ask serious questions instead of echoing the hype. I will write more about it myself, I assume. I've been working on my move to the country for the last 24 hours so I've only had time to tweet about this.#
  • In this post I'll link to the tweets and to the posts I wrote during the maximum hype over The Correspondent. I didn't care where their office was. I did object to them claiming to be revolutionary, because I didn't see any evidence of that. I come from the tech industry which indulged in this kind of hype many many times, and fortunes were made, a lot more than $2.7 million, over less than what The Correspondent had. I had high hopes for them, and in the end when I saw the plan I saw that they either didn't understand, or they punted and decided to do something pretty normal, but to hype it as if it were remarkable. #
  • Anyway, here are some of today's on-topic tweets#
  • And some of the previous posts#
  • Finally just so you know where I'm coming from#
    • Last summer I wrote a piece entitled How journalism is like the Mets. Especially appropriate since today is opening day, and the Mets won, with hits by a former Yankee if you can believe that. #
    • Journalism has yet to win the World Series in the new world. The people who write about journalism today don't have a feel for what's possible. They're roaming around in the dark looking for inspiration, but they don't seem to know what questions to ask.#
    • The Correspondent was a softball. Easy to figure out. Yet they all took the easy way out and just repurposed the hype. I believe they believed it. But they have to toughen up if they want to make it to the championship series. #

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