It's even worse than it appears.
From the necessity is the mother of invention department. I had never been able to get AirDrop to work, but recently I became incentivized to figure it out. Now I'm using it for all kinds of things. In my experience it doesn't "just work," but once you get it working, it's very useful. #
I just read a piece on Gizmodo saying that RSS is better than Twitter. Then I had a thought, why not turn Twitter into an RSS reader. It's not too many steps. Accept an OPML subscription list. When you add a feed, call IFTTT and say "map the output of this feed onto this Twitter account." When a feed disappears from the list, delete the IFTTT script. I'm not sure if IFTTT's API will let you do this. OTOH you could probably set up a River5 installation to do it, but it'd be more work. :-)#
Cooper Lake with ice and fog. A warm rainy spring day before the ice has melted yields a beautiful photo. No filters. #

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