It's even worse than it appears.
I think the House should decide whether to start impeachment hearings in a few weeks, after the Mueller report has been a bit more settled in. Unlike the gun debate, Dems won’t lose the power to act in a few weeks.#
The only question at the Austin conference wasn't really a question. In the back row a woman said I was talking about privilege when I was telling the story of the very earliest days of blogging. I said there were no barriers to entry. I guess she imagined the barriers were there, and I would have seen them and felt them if I weren't a privileged white male. She wasn't so nice about the way she said that, btw. And I didn't figure that out in the moment. The truth is, as I said, there were no barriers. So they couldn't have stopped anyone if they were another race or gender, they just weren't there. If a 40-something black woman from the east coast tried to start blogging, I think it would have worked, and instead of coming out of Silicon Valley, blogging might have come out of some other community, and have evolved in a different way. No matter what they would have had to know a little scripting, and be curious about how the protocols of the Internet worked. Maybe my privilege made it more likely I'd be interested. But I think it was more hereditary, and as I said at the conference, the impulse to blog was something I inherited from my mother, not a white man. Anyway, at first, I promise you, it was more a question of courage and imagination than any deep skills. That came later when we tried to create end-user software for blogging. For that you'd have to know a lot of programming techniques. I for one would have been anxious to work with whoever was the first blogger. Working together is what I'm all about. #
After buying a house, moving, then going to a conference in Austin and getting a cold, I tried to have a productive programming day and got absolutely nowhere. That hasn't happened in a long time. Partially I think it's because I'm relaxed? Maybe I don't give as much of a shit? Or who knows. But it's a fact, I got nothing done today. I guess it happens. I'm going to spend the rest of the day doing the following: 1. Watching Big Little Lies season 1. 2. Catching up on the latest in The Mueller Report. 3. Watching a bit of NBA Playoff action. 4. Are the Mets playing? #
Searchable PDF version of the Mueller report. #
Does anyone have a BitTorrent link for the Mueller Report?#
This is the default setup for remote management of my new Spectrum router. The sysop username and password is admin and admin respectively. It's printed on the side of the router. It appears my router open to the world with the default password? If you use Spectrum wifi and haven't looked at the setup page on your router, I recommend that you do so. #

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