It's even worse than it appears.
New feature on every page. A button in the upper left corner that signs you off Twitter or signs you on. Also made the version number in the upper right corner a bit less intrusive. #
People who think podcasts are not a product of the open web, ask yourself a simple question. Whose approval do you need to create a podcast? Today, no one. In the future, as silos take over, it’ll only be for sanitized product. Void of inspiration. Safe.#
The next thing are the hearings to determine if the House impeaches. No one knows where we will be after the hearings and the people who say they know are wrong. Far from hurting the Dems chances in the 2020 election, the stuff coming out of the hearings will electrify the campaign. There will be all kinds of Republican unsavoryness on parade. A circular firing squad for the ages. #

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