It's even worse than it appears.
17-minute podcast. Impeachment is a TV show. Anyone who says they know what US politics will be like after the hearings is an idiot. They will transform the US. That's what happened with Nixon, but this is a better story with better characters. #
Sam Ervin was probably the best character in Watergate. An avuncular country lawyer type, on the verge of senility, but incredibly eloquent all the same. He was one of the last Democrats from the Deep South to serve in the Senate. Barbara Jordan, also on the Select committee was from Texas, and incredibly eloquent and held the attention of the camera.#
We need a new name for podcast-like things that have no feeds, are locked behind a paywall, can't be archived, cited or shared, and don't create any kind of record. #
Why don’t Democrats do anything to divide the Republicans and their base, to shatter it into warring factions the way the Repubs and their Russian helpers do so effectively to the Dems?#
There's a new Chat tab on Scripting News. I've been planning to do this for some time, moving my basic shell into a tab on Scripting News in place of Disqus, which has become an embarrassment. I still haven't figured out a bunch of stuff, like when rollover happens, causing the chat stream to reset. For now if you have a comment on something on Scripting News, post it there. But it must still follow the Comment Guidelines. Keep it short, only add information to an existing post if it's asked for or you're pretty sure it would be welcome. No spam, and nothing that looks like spam, and of course nothing personal. I delete comments without explanation. I can block people here as with Disqus, so please respect the guidelines. ;-) #
BTW failing to comply with a congressional subpoena is certainly an impeachable offense. #
  • Lillard could have taken an easier shot. #
  • He could have left time for a rebound if he missed.#
  • He would have looked stupid if he missed the shot.#
  • But he didn't miss.#

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