It's even worse than it appears.
Living in Manhattan, with no car, I got used to FreshDirect where you order groceries via a website, and they deliver what you ordered the next day. You develop a list of items you buy regularly, and shopping is a matter of reviewing that list, and re-ordering the things you need more of. Very efficient, and I rarely forgot basic items, because they floated to the top of the list. Now I'm shopping in grocery stores, basically walking around through their warehouse in realspace, doing the job FD employees do in NY, and while I like the experience in general, I often forget to restock things I've run out of. Which makes me wonder why stores don't adopt the FreshDirect user interface, let me shop for basic stuff from home via the web, even if they can't deliver. #
Political cartoon of the day. #
My organization tool should help me be organized even if I am very badly organized at the moment.#
With the help of ouchiko, jmgs and tommy-carlier, yesterday's JavaScript challenge is solved. I learned that there's a built-in browser function that does exactly what was called for, scrollIntoView. Makes sense, in 2019 this is something every app shouldn't have to do itself. This will be part of a new app I'm working on. #
My friend NakedJen who to me is the Mother of Dragons, a magical person who can do the stuff only Daenerys Stormborn can do (and more), is now watching Game of Thrones, finally. She's in season 1. I can't say any more (here) because I know she reads this blog. I envy her, I would love to never have watched the first few seasons so it could all be new again. Also I expect to be able to hear her shriek at certain points even though she's in Salt Lake City and I'm in the Catskills. #

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