It's even worse than it appears.
When I was a kid, my parents rented a ski house with a few other families in Great Barrington. We'd go up there via the Taconic Parkway, and would exit at Route 23, and that's where the Chief Diner is. I bet my brother and I, when we saw the diner, begged our parents to stop. It was the middle of the night (or so it felt to me, then) and they must've been tired. Kids are a pain in the ass. Anyway, I was driving on 23 today and passed the diner, remembered it from childhood, so I stopped and took a couple of pictures. #
People say Tuca and Bertie is the next level of Bojack Horseman and it is that for sure. For example, in T&B there are people and animals, as in Bojack, but plants also have intelligence and speak and have legs and can walk and go places (and are teenagers). Also they include little bits of non-animated human stuff in it. And the snarky Easter eggs are even better. But it's also got a bit of Studio Ghibli in it and trippy Spirted Away type stuff. I love the actors. I'm only on Episode 4 and savoring every moment.#
I've been saying this for many years -- I wish as part of the publicity materials for shows, movies, even products, they produced standalone images that have a transparent background, like this one for Bojack. I love putting them in the right margin when I'm writing about your product. It's good for you. #
I use Facebook the same way I use Exxon. I need their product to get where I want to go. I don’t like what the products do to the ecosystem or the crazy attitude of the people who run the companies. But I don’t have any power over that.#

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