It's even worse than it appears.
Sunday May 12, 2019; 12:22 PM EDT
  • We're getting the downside of networking and not enough of the upside because progress is stalled due to Facebook's dominance. #
  • If they had created a thriving ecosystem not underneath them but alongside them, no one would be talking about about breaking it up, it would already be in pieces.#
  • Everyone who's ever pursued a monopoly in tech should see (now) why it's a dead end. And people who in their hearts felt the web should stay open, you were right, it's the only sustainable option.#
  • It's easy and economical for Zuck to give up his monopoly and it doesn't require divestiture or breaking up. And it's necessary to get the web growing again.#
  • Key point: We have to have more than Zuck's mind working on this.#

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