It's even worse than it appears.
I searched for a 76ers logo this morning to decorate a post on my blog. Now everywhere I go on the web they think I'm a fan of the team. I'm a Knicks fan you suckers. Fuck off. #
I watched last night's Game of Thrones instead of Game 7 of the playoff series between Toronto and Philadelphia. No regrets, I had more invested in the GoT story than the story of either of the NBA teams, though I do have a thing for the Sixers and respect the hell out of the Raptors. When I came out from GoT the first thing I checked was the NBA schedule, and I could see that Toronto had won. But, like everyone else, I was struck to learn how they won. So many stories in this fantastic photo, taken while the stars of the both teams wait to see if the at-the-buzzer shot would go in. It would bounce four times before they knew the result. So much pent up energy in this, one of the greatest sports pictures of all time. Wonderful. #
Maybe FB should be broken up. The identity system (with storage) becomes an ICANN-like thing, and everything else is a for-profit company.#

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