It's even worse than it appears.
A good afternoon song (no hidden meaning).#
Look at what the AG is doing now. He's going to change the rules so the Mueller investigation is retroactively illegal. I bet they put some FBI people on trial. That'll completely put an end to investigations. In their calculations, people who work in government have to decide who they fear most, Trump or what comes after Trump.#
Poll: "Thinking of famous series finales, Sopranos, Deadwood, Six Feet Under, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Lost. Will the end of Game of Thrones give resolution, or will it leave you wanting more?"#
Suppose the worst person in the world has a great idea, but you aren't listening because you don't like this person. In normal times you would be the main loser. But if the idea could help us avert the climate or constitutional meltdowns, we all lose because of your pride. That's why I try to listen to smart people even if it hurts my ego.#
Resist efforts to divide us. When people say that a certain class of people, based on age, race or gender, is responsible for something bad, it probably isn't true. If it isn't and you perpetuate the lie, you're doing Trump's work, and you should stop doing that. #
My auto insurance company wants me to try a new app that will rate my driving safety using GPS and motion detector in my iPhone. What they don't say is if it will affect my insurance rates. #
  • I had an idea watching this clip from MSNBC, where a reporter does something unusual, he stops the person he's interviewing for BS, and then for not answering his question. This is so common in cable news, it's the #1 reason I switch channels.#
  • So here's the idea -- an organization, perhaps sponsored by Knight or Newmark, maintains a database of people who are interviewed on cable news. For each, the number of questions they were asked, the number of times they did and didn't answer the question. A simple way of measuring the integrity of the interviewee. And also the interviewer. #
  • You could publish an index for each of the shows. Do they tend to invite people on who actually answer questions? And then you could have an index for each network. They like horse race journalism. Turn it around, make the quality of their reporting a horse race. #
  • Twist: Penalize the show double if the person has been on before and evaded the questions both times. Fool me once, okay, ask to be fooled again, I'm a fool for listening to you. 💥#
  • Another index: Time spent talking vs how many ideas discussed. For a few people the ratio would be infinite, they just speak in a word salad, they say nothing. A great example is the former head of the RNC. The best ratio, most substance to time talked would be interesting too. Michelle Goldberg seems to be the best. She ramps up quickly, says something interesting, doesn't repeat herself unless asked. #

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