It's even worse than it appears.
  • Well here we go, the final episode of Game of Thrones, and the big question, assuming there still is a throne, who's sitting on it at the end of tonight's episode? Whoever it is is in some sense the winner. #
  • I have a wacky theory about it, I posted it on Facebook, might as well post it here too. #
  • What if...#
  • The person who ends up on the throne is...#
  • None other than...#
  • Tyrion Lannister! ;-)#
  • Hear me out.#
  • I assume there's going to be a showdown between Jon Snow and Daenerys. What if they kill each other? Or elope to a romantic hiding place?#
    • Alterately, Arya kills Daenerys, and Jon Snow, who likes Tyrion (going back to season 1) returns to the north to be with his dog and his red-haired friend. He could hook up with Brienne, who is available now that Jaime is dead. There's your spinoff! He could pick up Samwell Tarly and family (son named Jon, btw) on his way north. #
  • It's crazy to think the Baratheon bastard is going to be accepted on the throne. #
  • But Cersei was a Lannister. Tyrion is a Lannister. He's the next in line if you believe Cersei was a valid Queen. And why not. Everyone knows that Joffrey was a Lannister as was Tommen.#
  • Seems old Tyrion has the best claim to the throne. And he's not a murderer, he drinks wine and likes to fuck (or at least he used to). He's been pretty good to everyone, and Sansa loves him. He would be a good king (you can almost hear him saying it). #
  • I don't think too many Kings Landing folk are going to be begging for a Targaryen to take the throne.#
  • I don't know if other people see this, but it seems reasonable to me. #
  • Tyrion for King! :-)#

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