It's even worse than it appears.
Nancy Pelosi: It's time to get out every gun you have and fire it. Because you're about to lose all of them. You have to wake everybody up and say listen, this is it, after this point we do not have a government. #
What CJ would say to Pelosi: "The fall is gonna kill you." #
GoT fans, you must watch this alternate ending to series. #
Once a long time ago I wrote on this blog that we should have fewer humans, and the rage it provoked was awesome, and imho totally wrong. As we consume the life-sustaining ability of our planet, if we had fewer people, we'd consume it at a slower rate. I don't think there's any great reason to overpopulate the planet, esp when we're so resource-constrained. BTW, I'm a mystic, i.e. I believe in the mystery of it all. :-) #
BTW, I did an image search for WTF on this blog and the results were interesting.#

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