It's even worse than it appears.
One way of doing things is easier than two, no matter how much better the second way is. Also.#
Bingeworthy is pretty good, my first real SQL app. I never do enough to promote these things or even finish them. It needs features to draw you back into it. #
The Wikipedia page for podcasting still has some misleading info about how the name was arrived at. How it actually happened.#
I remember watching the series finale of Mad Men realizing that one of the hundreds of fan theories I had read was right! That doesn't mean the author came up with the ending. Another analogy. I thought Apple's phone was going to be called iPhone. I didn't get credit for naming the phone, however. The naming of the podcast is very well documented, the archives all there. There's no reason for the Wikipedia page to carry this mistake forward. All the reporters echo the mistake. It's not fair to Dannie Gregoire who actually coined the term, or respectful of the open process we used to develop it. It was all very deliberate, took a lot of trial and error, hard work, cooperation, patience and creativity. #

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