It's even worse than it appears. is available. #
I really enjoyed last night's NBA Finals game. Because it was a real contest. Playoff basketball is like nothing else. You can go to a regular season game if you want, but it's like spring training. The problem with the Warriors is that they, like other dominant teams before them, forced the league to form around them. For example the Rockets, an excellent team, can't get by Golden State, so they'll rip up the team this summer and start over. Possibly the only player who's untouchable is James Hardin. When KD went to the Golden State that's when the NBA turned a bad corner imho at least for this fan who just likes a real game, not a rout, at the very end of the season. We got that last night. Looking forward to the rest of the playoffs. I don't really care who wins btw, I just love great basketball. #
You don't hear this on the news, but I assume at least some of the strange behavior of American politicians is due to blackmail or threats of physical harm.#

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