It's even worse than it appears.
Journalism has been very conflicted about Craig Newmark. Truth is he isn't responsible for anything other than making a product that people wanted. The news industry could have done it, but for some reason didn't.#
There will come a day when a presidential candidate will be judged by where they choose to post their policy statements. If they use a corporate silo, that will be like accepting campaign donations from Goldman Sachs. Not a good appearance.#
GPS is an amazing thing, but there are places it just doesn't work, like what we used to call The Big Dig in Boston. Too many levels of tunnels. GPS can't tell if you're underground or on the surface. #
Consumer Reports does rate online banks. I thought I had searched for it, but there it is, thanks to a pointer from Tobie Stanger on Twitter. She is a senior editor at Consumer Reports. #

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