It's even worse than it appears.
I've been thinking lately that when you win an NBA championship, you automatically lose your top two players. There's a new lottery, redistributes the power players around the league, breaks up dynasties. So if Toronto wins, Kawhi will have to leave, possibly to go to Minnesota or Atlanta. The reason is that dynasties are not only boring they are unsportsmanlike, imho.#
In case you were wondering, the pragmatic cost of an unimpeached criminal in the White House is that there's no reason for him not to continue breaking the law, breaking more laws, ignoring Congress, and the courts, purging disloyal people in the DOJ, FBI, intelligence services, and even cancelling the election which the Dems are counting on winning. You have to put up the barrier as soon as you can, because all the time you wait they become less potent. By the time you realize you should have done it, that you had to do it, given how things have been going, it'll be too late. He'll just have you arrested for being disloyal. Maybe he's already threatening to do that behind the scenes. #
If you believe in the open web or the indie web (they're exactly the same thing) -- how could it hurt to ask Elizabeth Warren to post her position papers on the web instead of in a corporate silo? Get involved. Help. All you have to do is RT. 💥#
I'm working on River6, as I reported here. One of the things included with this project is a new river browser, the JavaScript code that runs on the client. There are a few new features here and there, but mostly it's just reorganized and debugged, and hopefully easier to work on. Today I decided to do something bold, I removed all the layers of CSS that define how a river looks. Starting with a clean slate. It had been written by several different people at different times, and in the interim my understanding of how to write modular CSS has come a long way. It was too hard to change things. I wanted to put this note here for this screen shot to show what a river looks like without any CSS at all. Not pretty! #
What's going on with Huawei and Android is the most extreme example of Dilbertism that's probably ever happened. There's Trump, the ultimate PHB making a grand royal proclamation, which ultimately forces a fork in Android, so the Chinese add even more malware to the world. I said a few years ago, during the 2016 campaign, that tech and politics are one and the same now, and our journalists are vastly unprepared for it. I urged the J-schools to run topical bootcamps for reporters. No one has done anything about it. #

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