It's even worse than it appears.
In school, it was puzzling to learn about the rise of Hitler. Why didn't the people rise to stop it? We're living the answer now. They didn't believe what was happening. They thought the nightmare would end without them having to do anything. That's the mistake we're making too.#
I watched Maddow last night, saw it with new eyes. What Trump said isn't outrageous, it's the present, it's the truth, it's the future. It doesn't matter what the FBI thinks.#
Google treats the web as if it were its own private platform. Chrome is always generating new errors. Okay they don't like the way software I wrote five years ago works. I need a browser I can recommend that thinks the open web is not a corporate platform. Not Mozilla, btw, they generally do what Google says. #
At the Great Democratic Debate, one of the candidates should suggest they draw straws. Everyone who picks a short straw withdraws from the race, then and there, and endorses the candidate with the long straw. That would be the Democrats finally waking the fuck up and leading.#
  • At any given time I seem to have a few projects that I feel strongly must be undertaken right now or the world will crumble. I'm not kidding, I think they're that important. #

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