It's even worse than it appears.
Saturday June 15, 2019; 12:42 PM EDT
  • Quite out the blue I notice that longtime friend Scott Knaster enthusiastically agrees with virtually everything I write about the Trump mess. Of course I wonder what the common thread is, and I've come to believe it is that we are both avid sports fans, even though they're not all the same sports. #
  • Lots of strategy in sports requires compromise. You take one player out and replace with another who is better at defense because what you need right now is a better chance of stopping the other team. It comes at a cost. Yet a sports fan knows there's a randomness to it, or is it spirituality? God sees what you're doing and perhaps (as my dear departed uncle would say) goofs on you. You put in the best defensive squad and they score more points than your offensive-strong team would. Go figure. But you have to be prepared for whatever comes your way and let it guide your thinking. And you always have to be thinking about how fate could deal you a cruel blow, because that happens all the time in sport, and of course in life too. And especially in politics.#
    • If you don't believe me, look who's in the White House. 💥 #
  • Linear thinking doesn't work. If I do X the other guy always does Y is not a good bet. Because the other person is sentient too, and knows you're expecting Y and one time, when it really makes a difference will do exactly what you don't expect because it's what you don't expect.#
  • But one thing's for sure. If there are two seconds on the clock, and you're in field goal range, and you're down two points, you go for the field goal. Even though a touchdown is more fun. #
  • PS: Another reason sports fans know how to absorb mistaken thinking. Watch the analyst predict that the Warriors will blow away the Raptors in Game 6, which of course we now know didn't happen. So we know when listening to pundits, or even our own ideas, that nothing like that is actually going to happen.#

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