It's even worse than it appears.
Tuesday June 18, 2019; 5:02 PM EDT
  • Trump isn't really a presidential candidate and he certainly isn't a president, not as far as the job is designed by the Constitution. Which the begs the question, what exactly is he?#
  • This is what he is: A TV star.#
  • Specifically a comedian. #
  • Styled after Rodney Dangerfield, Joan Rivers and Don Rickles. I swear sometimes when I hear Trump talk, something I try to avoid at all costs, I swear I can hear Joan Rivers in there. #
  • There must be some rude comedians out there who wouldn't mind making a spectacle of Trump hate. And of course hatred for the wimps that vote for him.#
  • Now we don't know if his rallies are still a thing. He's doing one tonight in Orlando. Maybe it'll be a bust. He doesn't really have a new schtick you know. And he wasn't that funny in 2016.#
  • If he's a dud in his rally, or if he has to amp up the hate to scary levels to get a rise then he's jumped the shark.#
  • But still it wouldn't hurt to put some Trump hate on a stage. Nothing held in reserve. Really vent. We all need to stop being so polite when it comes to Trump. Attack the things he cares about. His net worth. Masculinity. Intelligence.#
  • But the key thing here is the people doing the insults are comedians, not would-be presidents. That's the key. Make Trump all about entertainment by attacking him with entertainment.#
  • PS: This started as a thread on Twitter.#

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