It's even worse than it appears.
John Lithgow to portray Trump in new play. Livestreamed tonight at 9PM Eastern. I'm a happy camper. This my friends is what Hollywood should be doing. Look at the cast. Wowowowow.#
I watched the first episode of The Returned and was impressed. I have no idea where they're going, but based on the reviews, it looks good. Avoiding spoilers, thanks. #
Overnight I learned of a graphic novel version of the Mueller Report. Now that's on the right track. There are tons of great stories in the report. People love stories. Ideally, if there were infinite time, there would be a new version of The West Wing with Trump as president doing and saying the things Trump does and says. The actor would be distinguished, presidential, have gravitas, might be black, and possibly a woman, but he or she would say the things Trump says. It would be dramatic not comedic. But there isn't infinite time. Something like the Serial podcast would be ideal. It could start simply, and expand out into all the depravity that's in the Mueller Report. It would need great writers, actors and production. But it could be done reasonably quickly. I'm going to write up a very superficial and novice plan for that, because I have none of the skills needed to make it, but think it's desperately needed. #

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