It's even worse than it appears.
Thursday June 27, 2019; 10:42 AM EDT
  • I watched the first fifteen minutes of the debate. I thought Warren's opening answer was very good. She's learned how to bring the listener into her story. Too many politicians don't find a way to get people to think about themselves. That's key. Because people are always thinking about themselves. Once you get them to feel you're over there on their side, your ideas start clicking with them. They'll think you think like they do. They start to like you. And they start to listen. That's everything. I have to say that was the first time I could say that about Warren. Clearly she wants to win, that's also a big deal. #
  • Then it became clear it was just going to be canned speeches all night, I started nodding off and went back to reading The Power Broker. I'm starting to get to the good part, the downfall of Moses. He really fucked NY. They should make a Deadwood-like show about the life of Robert Moses. Get the guy who played Hearst to play Moses.#

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