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Saturday June 29, 2019; 11:43 AM EDT
  • On the River5 mail list Hanan Cohen asks if he should wait for River6, what about the browser, and how to mirror rivers on Twitter feeds. I answered in an email, which I'll include below so it gets into search engines. #
  • First, I'm glad to hear you're building a public aggregator for Israeli blogs. Let me know when you're ready for people to come and I'll post a note on my blog.#
  • Okay -- now to advice re River6.#
    • I never recommend waiting, and I also place a strong emphasis on moving forward with compatibility. A River5 installation can be converted to River6 quickly. It's just a matter of setting up MySQL, and then copying the lists folder from the river5 folder to the river6 folder. Then there's a variable amount of waiting for the river to fill up, but that's something the software does on its own. #
    • All the changes are visible in the front end in and, both of which use the new river browser. However it could just as easily be displaying rivers produced by River5. As far as I know there are no changes to that format between 5 and 6 (any that are present are bugs).#
    • I have several rivers that are mirrored to Twitter feeds, for example is mirrored to @nbariver, using a Node-based utility that I wrote called riverToTweets. It's been running smoothly for years. I recommend it. #

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