It's even worse than it appears.
Saturday June 29, 2019; 5:02 PM EDT
  • One of the arguments in favor of Biden and other moderates is that they will get Republican votes and that would of course (imho) be good. If I thought of myself as a Repub, I'd be looking for a way to not vote for Trump, and still have self-respect.#
  • I'd be susceptible to the argument that they're all socialists (I don't mind, I think we're all socialists anyway, that's the way our economy works in the areas that matter). Bernie Sanders would press my buttons. I might not vote, instead of voting for either.#
  • Nixon called these people The Silent Majority.#
  • However, if they want to be served, they have to find a way to let us all know that they really are out there. Repubs who would vote for a Democrat if a moderate were nominated. Maybe start giving money to Klobuchar or Hickenlooper, for example.#

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