It's even worse than it appears.
The earth shook in the NBA last night and the pieces are now in motion. If you want to learn how the league works, there's no time like now, it's all out in the open and the columnists are writing excellent stuff. Here are some links. #
Interesting piece says the current Democratic leadership is haunted by Reagan. Here's what I think happened. Nixon. Watergate. The country needed to cleanse itself so it elected a Mr Rogers type, Jimmy Carter, who we knew for sure wouldn't do the nasty stuff Nixon was doing. He came into DC thinking he could change things, instead DC ignored him, and everyone could see it/feel it, and then the hostage crisis, the failed rescue, America was mostly over Nixon and we wanted to kick ass and Reagan came along and said Let's Kick Ass and people looked at Carter, talking about a great national malaise, and there were gas lines, and the world was pushing us around so we said Fuck yeah. So the Repubs found something that worked, and the Dems never caught on. So maybe AOC et al are right, the Repubs are buffoons and criminals, and everyone knows it, including most voters, so what a Democrat has to do is say we kick ass, but we're a team and we have to work together. I don't know, it could work. I think the most convincing character running for president is Jay Inslee, believe or not. And if we could get Gavin Newsom to run, he's the closest we have to a Democratic Reagan. #

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