It's even worse than it appears.
I want filters on Twitter that remove all messages from well-intentioned people expressing their outrage about trolls. After so much damage has been caused by trolls, at this point they are insane and suicidal. They have become second-order trolls.#
When you let Trump control the conversation, you lose.#
  • Speaking of NYC blackouts, there was a blackout in Manhattan, below 23rd St, in the weeks after Hurricane Sandy. I was living in the 50s at the time, so was unaffected. We never lost power. I walked downtown to see what it was like. It felt post-apocalyptic, like visiting New Orleans after Katrina. The weirdest thing was walking north on Broadway in the dark, and seeing Times Square in the distance, fully lit. How like New York, I thought. It's a place of business first. The show must go on. But how would it feel to be living in the blacked-out part realizing that a few blocks to the north, life was going on, as if nothing happened.#

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