It's even worse than it appears.
I can't believe I agree with Thomas Friedman. We ought to pick the most boring and coherent presidential candidate -- the most plain and uncontroversial person on the stage. Nominate him or her, and then get ready to fight. I agree with Friedman, the things they agreed to in the debate were insane. They handed the election to Trump. We need to grab it back. My two picks: Klobuchar or Inslee. #
Amy Klobuchar gets it. Trump is funny. He's a caricature, a funny impersonation of a strong man. People who love him think he's hilarious. Entertaining. I've been saying this since 2016. If you want to counter-program the rallies, which the Democrats, if they had an ounce of ambition, would have done from the start, what you need are old-style standup comedians. Unfortunately the good ones are dead. Joan Rivers (who liked Trump, she was a real asshole, she didn't just play one on TV) or Don Rickles, Rodney Dangerfield, George Carlin. But there must be others. Get Bill Hader to do a Joan Rivers impersonation. Or Kate McKinnon. Then you can leave the Democratic nominee to talk about health care, securing the borders, the basic values of America. Let Trump compete with the comedians, which is appropriate because that's what he is. #
I am having an allergic reaction to the idea that those monsters at Trump rallies are Americans. I desperately want to join with others to say that the America I was born in doesn't belong to any one race or religion. I think every few generations we have to renew this very basic idea, that the United States is a union, out of many, one. #
Everything's okay, I'm busy with house projects this week, so am mostly posting my thoughts to Twitter. I know it's better to post them here. Hopefully I'll be near a computer more in the coming days. 💥#
I've had contractors and workers coming through my house this week, lots of them. Where I live there's no cell service, so the ones who had smart phones could hook through my wifi. But a few of them didn't have phones and many of the rest, esp ones over 40, couldn't set up a new wifi access point. (I set it up for them.) Can you imagine doing a job that requires you to be away from the office most of every day without the ability to communicate? A reminder that not everyone is on the net, even in the US, in 2019.#

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