It's even worse than it appears.
I recorded a podcast yesterday about journalism and listening to users, based on a ridiculous Twitter thread about journalism and listening in which of course the journalists didn't listen. Imho that's why our political system is so out of whack. The public is never heard, their perspective is never represented, and we are never allowed to interject our two cents. I only shared it with Ken Smith, a professor friend from Indiana. He says he was nodding in agreement through the whole thing. Okay, considering that, I decided I should publish it. Maybe you'll like it, maybe you won't. If you're a journalist you probably won't but you should listen anyway. No pain no gain, as they say. #
I just gave $25 to Amy Klobuchar.#
I don't think the NBA works like this, though emotionally I would hate to see Melo's career end now. Same with Jeremy Lin. I think Melo being a stinker put Lin and D'Antonio on the road. I'd like to see Melo apologize to Lin, and make a condition of his restitution that his buddy JL has to be included in the deal. Both role players. Melo a bench forward, Lin a bench guard. They work out together and make something new out of their respective talents. #
It'd be interesting to have a BloggerCon-style mini-conference on grounds for impeaching Trump, with a note-taker, organizing the ideas into an outline in real-time. I see so many ideas, ones that would force Repubs in the House and Senate to vote against Mom and apple pie. One random idea you never hear in the news -- how about impeaching him for hate crimes, inciting violence against blacks, to begin with. Never mind that it would be a great GOTV tactic, and also for fund-raising, it would force Repubs to admit they are Nazis. The sooner they decloak, imho, the better. (BTW, I don't think Moscow Mitch can table impeachment. The Senate has to actually vote. Key point people overlook.)#
  • I'm an old school C programmer. #
  • That's the syntax I've mastered for JavaScript.#
  • I like callback hell. ;-)#
  • I want to use proxies. #
  • I need a C-like example app.#
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