It's even worse than it appears.
I'm no artist but I'd love to see Moscow Mitch as a babushka.#
I tried something interesting, an audio response to a tweet. Enclosed here as a podcast. It's so twisted. But listen to it, I think you'll find there's a loop in how news deals with tech. It would be better if we could break out of the loop of course.#
Pleased the Moscow Mitch meme is going mainstream. 💥#
If your ice coffee isn't exciting you, try this. Before adding ice or coffee pour a bit of chocolate syrup at the bottom of the glass, then add the ice, then coffee, #
Scoble says I was right about Facebook in 2010, I don't know if I was, but the archives are here. But now we're in a different reality. Facebook is filling an important role that I had hoped the open web would. Having just moved to a small town in upstate NY, I get the utility of private groups on FB to tie a local community together. More about this in a thread on Twitter. #

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