It's even worse than it appears.
Another previously unpublished podcast I sent to Ken Smith for approval. He seems to approve. So here it is. #
I updated the system software on my Apple Watch and it can no longer be used to log on to my Mac. It all worked before the update. #
New slogan: You can't fight not-normal with normal.#
Just for fun, I did a countdown page showing how long Scripting News has been running, assuming it started at noon Pacific on October 7, 1994. I don't know the actual time, so I took a guess. 💥#
I have become addicted to What Up With That. The song is playing in my head all the time. When I see something puzzling, the drum starts beating, my eyes widen and look to the left, the bass starts bassing I get up and dance and.. #
I feel like the Mets are where they were in 2015. You tune in the game, it's the 8th inning, the Mets are down 9-3, and you sit down for the rest of the game to see how they win. And they do. #
Two Democratic presidential candidates said historic things in the last week, but they have mostly gone unnoticed or misunderstood. Pete Buttigieg said if we want change we're going to have to amend the Constitution. He's absolutely right. Changing the president, even taking the majority in the Senate won't accomplish much if a minority can overturn the whole thing any time they get it together. That's in the Constitution, that's what has to change. Another thing that has to change is journalism. They can't incorporate new realities into their view of the world. They ask questions about Trump as if he were a normal president, one who had divested and disclosed before taking office. Trump is a Russian oligarch. He takes his orders from Putin. Any question about the president that doesn't accept this context is a question from Dreamland. Beto O'Rourke busted through this crazy wall in the aftermath of the El Paso massacre. It's why we need to depose the people who run journalism, asap. Why shouldn't the Democratic candidates help us transform politics and journalism? If they don't do that, why are they running? (To paraphrase Elizabeth Warren, who has done her part to transform how our politics and journalism work.)#
  • I have a theory about why we fear death. #
  • It's a survival trait. #
  • Animals that didn't fear death died. #
  • Animals that feared death tended to live. #
  • In other words most of us are descended from animals that were scared of dying. #
  • Expand this headline to see a new slogan every second. #
  • You can have more than one. #
  • There isn't a limit.#
  • As far as I know. 💥#

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