It's even worse than it appears.
Thursday August 22, 2019; 8:25 PM EDT
  • I wish I had more on the home page for what will be for many their first Scripting News by email. A few comments. It's a bit of a loop-close because my blogging used to go out via email for years before I went exclusively web. Once RSS was up and running it seemed counter-productive to keep pushing the email channel, and for a while it made sense until Google dominated and then shut down their RSS app. Then email resurged. #
  • In May 2017 I rebooted the original style of blogging on Scripting News, with intermixed titleless posts and and longer titled posts, all on one page, archived daily and monthly. It's now stable, so it made sense to bring back the email. #
  • I remember when I turned off the email, Doc Searls said I shouldn't do it. I never forgot that. Glad Doc is in the initial group of subscribers. I think that will affect the way I write here, for the better. #
  • BTW, I plan to add the linkblog links for the day to the daily email. #

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