It's even worse than it appears.
Evgeny Morozov isn't optimistic that the Epstein scandal will have a positive effect on the MIT-Harvard community. My two cents. I would like to see MIT and Harvard people use their prestige to set us on a better course as a society. Most people there are too risk-averse, trying to protect their careers. What a waste. We don't live long enough for that to be a proper motivation imho. That said I'm not so cynical. I have been able to get stuff done personally at Harvard, it's actually a pretty good place to shake things up, if you don't care about getting your position renewed (which I guess I didn't). #
This is the moment podcasting became "podcasting."#
I was looking around for the next project to work on now that the Dave-via-email project is done, I hope -- it's the worst kind of software in the world. Talk about small pieces loosely joined. Anyway that's done now, praise Murphy. I was thinking after reading this piece about protocols over platforms, which I could not agree with more, that I have an almost-finished JavaScript implementation of XML-RPC, running on client and server. Since it's my second time through this area, I did it better than last time. It's just a matter of writing docs, testing, and getting other people interested/excited, and most important updating the XML-RPC website, which hasn't been touched in many years. Might be just the project for my newly powerful blog. #
BTW there is still one part of the Dave-via-email feature that hasn't been tested since the shakeup, the sending of nightly emails. We will find out if that works at midnight tonight. I can't test it by sending emails to everyone. The changes weren't very great, just a URL and the format of a JSON file. I'm optimistic that it will work, but since it's software, I'm praying 🙏 too. If you're reading this in an email, it worked. #
  • Everybody -- thank you for the excellent help in testing this code. It was a complicated corner-turn, and it seems to work, so I stopped the test and switched the main page over to the new system, and tonight the emails will go out using the new code.#
  • Fingers crossed, praise Murphy. ;-)#
  • Now if you go to and subscribe, as I hope you will, you will actually subscribe for real. The unsub link will be at the bottom of each email.#
  • The test is over. The new email service that does not require Twitter login is deployed. The remainder of this post is here as an archive. #
  • I'm ready for a test of the new email subscription code.#
  • First, this test will not affect whether you're subscribed. It's just a test.#
  • 1. Go to this page, enter your email address, click the button.#
  • 2. Check your email. If you have a confirming email, click the link. Let me know if this worked and I'll have another step for you to test.#

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