It's even worse than it appears.
Friday August 30, 2019; 10:38 AM EDT
  • I had high hopes when Joi Ito became the director of the MIT Media Lab because he came from the blogging world. He had been to the conferences. He was a discussion leader at one of the first BloggerCons. The open web invested in him, and in his new role, at the time, when the world had built so much on the web, it sure could have used his help.#
    • For example, I'd like to see a 25-year project to help people run their own web servers. An open source project, where people graduate and go to work at companies that build on the foundation. I strongly believe that academic institutions are ideal homes for open source projects. #
    • The press gets confused about tech issues such as Hillary's emails, or the Cambridge Analytica scandal, both of which cost us dearly, in ways we're still learning about. An organization like the MIT Media Lab can help. Have a flash conference for journalists, explain the technology in a way journalists can understand and answer all questions. #
    • Help celebs start their own podcasts using only open technologies. No lock-in. Teach students the value of open tech.#
  • Media and technology are too important to let it go with a shrug. They must do better. Our society depends on it. Likewise we should insist that the Media Lab use its power now for the betterment of society. What a great way to launch the careers of media technologists and help shape the future. And help us through the tough tech problems we face right now. #

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