It's even worse than it appears.
Beto gets to be the sane face of Texas. #
It's nice how open nature is. If Facebook made ginger, you would not be able to make your own.#
The very last thing I want to watch on Netflix is an ode to Bill Gates. Gates was the Zuck of the 90s. He tried to put our freedom in a Microsoft box and sell it back to us, without the freedom. His empire was brought down by his insistence that PC security was a third party opportunity.#
Pretty sure this is the best site for following the hurricane. #
The OPML source for August 2019 are uploaded to the GitHub repository. The monthly ritual. #
  • When I was a grad student in Madison I had a cat named Nurse. I got her when I lived in NYC, between college and grad school. #
  • I got her from an ad in the Village Voice, from a woman who had dozens of cats in her Manhattan apartment. She pointed out this gray cat, see how she's taking care of the sick kitten? I took her home and named her Nurse.#
  • Later I moved to Madison, in the middle of the winter. Nurse stayed with my parents in Flushing until I found a place to live, and they sent her out by airplane. She must've had a bad experience on the flight or waiting in a hangar, because when she got to me, she was freaked out. #
  • She became a tough cat, but she still was a very special cat. She'd take walks with you like a dog. And in a few weeks she was pregnant, and in a couple of months delivered a litter of five really cute (of course) newborn kittens. #
  • I lived in a house with nine roommates, the kittens were a huge hit. We all would watch them and poke at them and make cooing sounds until one day the kittens and Nurse were gone. Later I found them, she had camped out behind my dresser, but I didn't tell anyone where she was, I respected her wish to care for her children privately.#
  • Then in a few days -- kittens everywhere! She had let them go out in the world to find their way, and it was great. They were so much fun. A few days later, we gave them away, and Nurse went off to get fixed, and when she came back, she came back to just being Nurse, her mom days were over. #
  • PS: I've written this story before, in 2001. It came out somewhat differently, but it's basically the same story. #
  • Let’s understand the damage to lives in all dimensions.#
    • Report how many were shot. How many bodies were penetrated with bullets. Not just how many were killed and injured.#
    • The survivors’ body condition should be reported. How much pain, how long recovery. Did they have insurance? How disabled?#
  • The NYT reported on a man who was severely injured in the El Paso massacre 28 days ago. #

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