It's even worse than it appears.
Thanks Doc. At this time I'm not making software to save journalism, I don't think I ever did that. I was mostly interested in tools that make people better communicators, and that of course includes journalists. Now I make tools that mostly make me a better communicator and a happier writer. If I had one bit of advice to journalism it would be this -- listen better. Journalism is very self-contained. At this time the answers are there, imho, with the readers and with the challenges of technology and authoritarian rulers. We can work together to save each other, but that's the key thing we're not doing -- working together. #
States should have to buy insurance against mass shootings, to fund health care for victims or damages to families of those killed. That would give them incentive to control factors that cause mass shootings. No room for the usual bs.#
It would be imho smart for the Nets to sign Carmelo Anthony. Knicks fans think Melo has suffered enough, he has a reservoir of goodwill in NYC. The Nets could use that, thinking long-term. #
When the government of a Republican state does something to help people I wonder how this isn’t the socialism they dread.#
2016: "If you want a favor you're more likely to get it if you're connected. This is true in business, the press, education, sports, etc." #
Braintrust query resolved. Peter Judge saw immediately what the problem was: no Content-Length header. Thank you for the help. Here's the postmortem. I'm writing an XML-RPC service, the request was being route through PagePark. Of course I blamed the one bit of technology that wasn't mine. Heh. Further, the XML-RPC spec requires that the Content-Length header be provided and be correct. If I had followed my own design, I wouldn't have needed the help. Dear Murphy, I am unworthy, I am unworthy.#

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