It's even worse than it appears.
It's remarkable how lost the MIT Media Lab is in its obsession with money from billionaires. An organization at MIT focused on tech and media could do a lot of good, for very little money, by sending technologists into the world with a mission to create great open tech for the people. Instead the focus is on what percent of the world's billionaires you're on a first-name basis with, laundering their reputations by accepting their money. The work they do at the Media Lab is almost incidental. I understand why normal people feel so much disdain for the elite, because the dishonesty shines through, even if the details remain hidden. Read the MIT Tech Review story about yesterday's meeting to see how lost they are. #
Trump's obsession with Alabama is a test to see what happens if he modifies official government documents. Answer -- bewilderment. Otherwise nothing stops him. This is how you win an election that you really lost. #
How Trump's sharpie wins the electoral college in a landslide.#
The Dave-by-email feature is nice. 🚀#
I created a new Node package called persists. Here's a test app that uses it. Docs coming. I think this is the closest you get to imitating the Frontier object database, syntactically and functionally, in JS. #
Jon Udell demo'd a feature that lets you expand-collapse in Markdown files on GitHub. Here's how to do it. If you enclose text in an XML <details> element it is collapsable. A <summary> sub-element provides the text that you click to expand. #
The other day I wrote about an idea for persistent objects in JavaScript. It was dream of course because it requires a change in the language. So then I wanted to see how much of it you could implement with the Proxy feature, which I explored with Ted Howard thirty days ago, and it turns out -- quite a bit! Here's a test Node app that demonstrates. #

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