It's even worse than it appears.
It's funny how my subconscious gets in the loop on my programming which is probably almost totally a higher-brain function. When I figure something out, here's what comes out of my mouth -- bang. That's a new one. It used to be bing and then ptahhh. Also thank you. Sometimes perfect. Then there was bingo bongo bingo. And now -- bang. Sometimes it's bang bang bang. There's no conscious thought behind these words. It's spontaneous. They just happen. It's as if my subconscious is watching, not entirely sure what's going on, like a black lab hanging out at my feet. He senses something has happened that's momentous and wants to participate. Verbally. #
Le tweet du jour: Some of the stupidest criminals in the world are working right here in America. I've always been proud of that. #
This was v1.0 of the Warren selfie line.#
Now the conversation has turned to what Trump should be impeached for. I don't know the public opinion answer, or the legal answer, or the right answer for Nancy Pelosi, but here's the Occam's News answer. He's running a corrupt enterprise from the White House. He's turned it into the Trump Organization, using all the powers of the presidency to cover up his crimes and fill his pockets. Organized crime. To live the life he was living before he was elected but on a much grander scale. This violates everything in the Constitution, because it was the founders intent, in every instance, to have the United States be self-governing, not a monarchy. #
I wish reporters would ignore what Trump just released, based on our experience with the Mueller Report.#
Sometimes I wonder what would happen if one day I found I didn't have anything to write about. Heh. Like that's ever going to happen. Hello my name is Dave and I'm a NBB.#
Yesterday I hit a pothole on a dirt road and I rolled over the handlebars. My instincts were good, I protected my head and neck, took the brunt on my ribcage and knee. It was a private place and a private experience. I laid there in the dirt for I have no idea how long, looked up at the sky through the trees, breathed, and was thankful it wasn't worse. Eventually I got myself up, dizzy, sat back down, breathed some more, righted myself and walked home. The bike wasn't rideable. I've rolled over handlebars once before, in Manhattan, in 2010, avoiding a collision with a car that was running a stop sign. That time I was in bed for days, this time it's not that bad. I'm already up and about. I love my bike, but today I feel betrayed. Not sure if it was really a hole in the road or a bike failure. I haven't had the will to look at the bike yet. I'm going to spend a day eating ibuprofen and being thankful. #
I started watching Unbelievable on Netflix. Almost at the end of episode 2. So far it makes me unbelievably angry. #
Impeachment party. How did they do this??#
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